For my mom??

  1. Hello everyone,

    so my mom wants to buy a damier piece and she is between the duomo and ribera mm (i think thats it...the bigger one of the 2) which you think?!? does anyone have pictures with them?

    I told her Duomo and she thinks so too...she is going to go the store this week to see but i was just curious!!
  2. Duomo:smile:
  3. Duomo
  4. duomo! :yes:
  5. duomo.....
  6. i love both, i want both :hysteric:
  7. I have the Ribera and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Mind you I have only carried it once so far but only becuase Im in love with my Stephen at the moment. I would take pics but Im in my pj's and not feeling pic worthy at the moment!!
  8. Duomo. Very sophisticated looking.
  9. I love duomo's shape better..I love ribera in mini darn cute..
  10. definitely Duomo :love:
  11. Another vote for Duomo.
  12. Go duomo !

    I just prefer how it looks more structured compared to the ribera.
  13. thanks everyone!! i will pass the votes on!
  14. one more for doumo
  15. Another vote for duomo!
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