For my first LV: Batignolles Vertical or mono Speedy 30

  1. I was all set on the mono Speedy 30 but am really liking the Batignolles Vertical. Which would you choose for my first purchase?
  2. I have the bv and love it! Now I'm considering the damier speedy 25 next month!
  3. you will love the speedy I've had mine 2 weeks(if you do get it use a steamer from the inside to take out the folds) and I was the kind of girl that changes handbag each day even when they are new but I love it it's the perfect everyday bag
  4. I vote for the Batignolles.
  5. I vote for the BV :love:
  6. I have the Batignolles Horizontal which was my first LV and it's a fabulous bag. Between the BV and the Speedy, I'd say get the Vertical.
  7. I think there should be a law: everyone's first LV HAS to be a speedy!!!:lol:
  8. I prefer the Batignolles. The Speedy is the most common LV bag IMO. I rarely see a Batignolles and I LOVE that!
  9. agreed! but i might be bias because this was my first LV piece hehe :P
  10. I would go for the Speedy. It is timeless.
  11. Speedy
  12. another vote for the speedy.

    its such a classic
  13. Batignolles Vertical!
    Too many Speedys out there, try sth. new ;)
  14. Even though I bought the BV on Monday I have been a Speedy owner for many years......for the first time I say go with the legendary Speedy! It's like LV giving you your first kiss!!
  15. Bv!!!
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