For my first kelly should i- buy a vintage or a new??

  1. I am wondering whether i should buy the vintage kelly on L-z or save and wait for a new one.This will be my one and only kelly so any advice is highly appreciated.
  2. I have been drooling over the Kellys at LZ too. I have one already and the decision is between getting a vintage box or new box. I have decided to get a new one..... don't ask me why, just instict, that that's the right thing in my case.
  3. OK....a couple of questions -

    1. Do you love vintage bags?
    2. Is there a price constraint?
    3. Do you have color/leather/hw in mind?
  4. If it's your one and only, I'd probably get new. Nothing like a new bag smell!

    That way you don't have to worry about any previous wear and tear, how the owner treated it, funny odors/stains etc...
    I personally like new bags, unless it's a discontinued color and leather that you want, then you'll have no choice.

    Good luck with your decision!
  5. I love vintage... most of the time, you save money. And makes bags can be made to look 'new'... JMHO! GOOD LUCK!
  6. I'd probably get a new one then, if by chance you're able to get another in a few years, get something fun and vintage?
  7. I agree with Tweetie if its your one and only - but new. As beautiful as a vintage can be there is something about am item that has never been touched by human hands (sort of). Let us know.
  8. What is LZ?
  9. It's a reference to the date the bag was made
  10. It's strange.........I think if I were to only have ONE Kelly it would have to be a vintage Black Box Kelly with Gold hardware. So beautiful......and full of history!!!!
  11. I have to agree with Shopmom on this one. FOR ME, I think it is because the Kelly bag itself has History and the women who helped revive this history were women that I admired? It's weird, b/c I'm a pretty "super "stupid" stitious" type of person, and don't like weird Karma stuff. However, when purchasing Hermes lately, I've been relying on my gutt instinct and A couple of SPECIAL EYES from this board.

    Good Luck with your quest whether it be NEW or VINTAGE, you will know in your gutt what it is you really are looking for when you SEE IT.:heart:
  12. Just one thing you might want to consider - I have both vintage and new Kellys and I will say that the one advantage of the new Kellys is the double ring attachment for the shoulder strap. To me it makes the Kelly easier to open and hang evenly.

    But the patina on a boxcalf Kelly is fabulous !

    Did you decide on souple or rigide ? And which leather ?

    Good luck in your search !
  13. as usual, shopmom, you've got a great POV on this topic. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! ;)
  14. I got my first Kelly as a vintage for different reasons. I wanted Box Calf which scratches easily and I knew I would die a little every time I scratched it so having a vintage bag made me less paranoid.

    Also, I read in one of the threads that some members felt the bag quality was slightly subpar compared to the older bags. Someone mentioned crooked stitching or something.

    And of course there's always pricing. Vintage bags are considerably lower in price.

    And finally, my parents think it's ridiculous for me to own such expensive bags for my age but my dad loves antique items. If I convince him that I got the bag as an antique, then he'll be more accepting when they finally see the bag and hear how much it cost!!