For my fellow Balenciaga Ladies and Gents :)

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  1. I think it's really cute that we already have the Balenciaga Sighting Yesterday- was this YOU? threat and recently came accross the tPF Purse Charm threat and thought that would be a cute additional way to indentify fellow BBag PFers:smile:
    I read that already around 692 tPFers have them globally and I just ordered mine!:yahoo:

    Here's the link:

    And if you want one hurry because I think this might be the last order she is doing:yes:
  2. Ohhh Marie... :nuts: what a nice idea :idea: !! Thank you so much for letting us know - I didn't saw this thread yet, but will definitely order the cute keychain/charm :yes: ;) !
    Thanks again sweety - you're an angel :angel: :tender: :love:
  3. I agree too...thanks to marie to open this thread regardin this keycharm which i didn't know as well....will check it out from the attached thread......thanks
  4. :yahoo:Great that you are getting it, too, Firstclass and Celia!

    Who knows- I might randomly run into a well dressed Swiss lady with a tPF charm hanging off her fab bag on my annual trip home to Austria and notice that its Firstclass :nuts:

  5. Ha ha ha Marie.... :lol: - this would be my DREAM to visit Australia and to meet YOU :yahoo: !! THANKS a million :heart:

  6. Ditto~~i haven't been to australia or switzerland yet and if i do, will take the chance to meet you TOO!!!.......if anyone of u is comin down to visit singapore, be my guest.....:yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Sounds like a fabulous idea, ladies! I'm in Australia 9 months of the year, and 3 months, around Christmas, at home in Europe (Austria)
    I always fly over Singapore, Celia, and have been trying to convince my fiance that we need to check out Singapore anyways so in case we do we should meet up for coffee and shopping:yes:
    It would also be nice to meet up with you, Firstclass,in Europe or Australia:yes:
  8. Marie, that will be a great idea if u really get the chance to visit singapore, i will be more than happy to mit u and check out the shoppin here and even go for coffee. Best will be after my maternity (end of july) as i'm counting my wks now and baby due in end of, i'm getting excited abt it now....:yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. Oh wow!:nuts: Congrats Celia!!!:yahoo:That's amazing news!! I hope everything goes well! It would be around 9 months from now anyways so plenty of time!! All the best to you! How exciting!:drinkup:
  10. yeah the keychain is SO cool! Every b-bag sista needs one!!!

  11. Oops....i'm referring this yr..sorry if i'm not clear....i have ard 4 wks more to go accordin to my due date. So usually for maternity, it will be 3 mths (according to govt rules)......if u really plan to visit singapore, hopefully it will be after my maternity....hehehehehe:p :p
  12. I've just ordered one too! :yahoo:

    OMG you have 4 more weeks Celia_Hish? That's so exciting! I went to Singapore last summer and stayed in the Hilton Hotel in Orchard Road. Had loads of fun but got sunburnt :lecture: since I forgot to put sun cream on oups lol
  13. What a cute idea!

    I have just ordered one as well...and Secretshopaholic...if you are reading this, I ordered one for you too;)

    Congrats Celia! hope all goes well over the next few weeks:yes:
  14. Yea! :yahoo: Thanks for posting Marie!!

    I ordered mine, and I'll post pics here later today of it on my bbag!! I think its fantastic how many people were interested in getting one!! I think I'm going to add some beads to the keychain, I saw someone that did that and it was adorable!
  15. Thanks percephonie~~yes, i'm lookin forward for my baby arrival (esp it's our 1st one).....u mean u are here in singapore, yah, the weather is really hot here (coz it's a tropical country), if u ever come again, probably we can have a session of showcasing our bbags esp ur family collection is a rare pieces....I love to see them in real:yahoo: :yahoo: