For my Chicago Ladies...

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  1. I will be moving there in a few months to get married (!!!) and I wanted to know the best place to score some MJ deals. Also, I will be there this weekend (30th) and planned on doing some serious getting to know Michigan Ave, if you KWIM. Are there other places that I should focus my attention? All input is appreciated. TIA!
  2. i don't have any knowledge of mj in chicago but good luck with the move!!!
  3. Well, we'll have to have a WELCOME TO THE WINDY CITY get together when you make your move!! It's a good thing you're not moving here now -- it's about 8 degrees outside right now!!

    As for MJ shopping, of course there's the MbyMJ store that carries MbyMJ items and a good selection of Collection items (mainly bags, but also some clothing and shoes). A collection store is scheduled to open later this summer (if everything goes according to "plan" it should be open in time for the Fall/Winter season!). When that store opens, the MbyMJ store will no longer be carrying collection items.

    The BEST MJ deals are usually found at the department stores -- Nordstroms, Saks, Neimans, Barneys and Bloomingdales. This last season, Barneys had the best markdowns (except for the "crazy" Saks sale, but they sold out of MJ pretty fast). When I'm not shopping at the MJ store, I usually do my MJ shopping at Nordstroms. Their first markdown is usually around 40%, with 2nd markdowns about 6 weeks later at 60%. The Nordstroms on Michigan Avenue has the best selection, altho the store in OakBrook has a pretty nice one as well. You can't beat the customer service you get at Nordies.

    As for clothing, I've found that Macy's has the best deals on MbyMJ clothing -- I recently scored a bunch of stuff for 80% off!!! A couple of sweaters, a dress, a motorcylce jacket, a few tops.

    There's also a SCOOP NY close to the MbyMJ store that also carried MJ and MbyMJ. I've only been there once or twice and they didn't really have any "deals" when I was there.

    The outlets never seem to get anything good. There's a Nordstrom Rack on State Street and they rarely ever have MJ bags (and when they do, they're never anything "good"). There's another one in OakBrook, Schaumburg, Aurora/Naperville. There's an Off Saks up north (Schaumburg, Gurnee) -- but it's kinda far for me, so I don't get there too often.

    Where will you be moving to? The actual city or one of the suburbs? Depending on where you will be living, there are other places to shop MJ as well (Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Northbrook Court in Northbrook)
  4. Thanks, Dawn! I'm hoping things go smoothly. I'm so stressed right now it's ridunkulous.

    Iluv - OMG!!! Thanks for all of the great info. I've copied your post and sent it to my BB. Right now, we are planning on moving to the suburbs, unless I get the job with CPS requiring me to live in the city. I LOVE the OakBrook Mall, especially in the summer. My baby lives in Plainfield, but it's a one br apt. He is going to be so excited about all the shopping we will be doing this weekend :graucho:. Oh, and we can def have that gtg. I really can't wait to move. Thanks for your input.
  5. Congrats on your wedding and move to the windy city! iluvmybags is right, best deals are in the dept stores. I'm north of the city and shop at Off Saks at Gurnee Mills. They have lots of bags at great deals, but I have yet to find a Marc Jacobs there. Also a Nordstrom Rack in Northbrook, some Marc Jacobs items, very few and nothing I was interested in. Dress warm for your trip, baby it's cold outside!!
  6. Congrats on getting married and on your big move to Chicago. It is an awesome city. I can go on and on about how amazing it is but I think you'll see that on your own pretty soon :flowers:. Iluvmybags gave you a pretty detailed shopping guide so I think all you have to do is save her post for reference and you're all set to go :tup:.
  7. I have nothing to add to this post except that the threads title made me sing that Beyonce song - "All the single ladiessss"
  8. I'm seriously so excited. It's nice to get input from all of you. I am addicted to this forum, and not just for Marc. You ladies are always so helpful and welcoming. Thanks so much for the well wishes.

    Rachie - that song is my jam! I'm imagining my pretend boyfriend performing it in his yellow leotard on YouTube.:jammin:

  9. Great infos...I want to move back to Chicago so bad!