For my birthday I just bought myself....

  1. For my birthday (which is today, by the way :p) I just bought myself....
    a Mono Speedy 25 from elux!!

    (When I gave broad hints to SO about wanting a new bag, the poor guy gave me a giftcard to Nordies because apparently Nordies has "plenty of handbags"...)

    Hopefully it will arrive sometime this week - back to watching for the FedEx truck again :sad:.
  2. Happy Birthday :party:!!!! Congrats on the goodie :yahoo:
  3. Happy birthday!! Great way to celebrate your special day! Congratulations!!!!
  4. happy birthday!!! and congrats on the new speedy! you gotta give your SO some credit for trying lol. i think my bf would give me a paper bag to be a smartass lol.
  5. Happy Birthday1!! hope you get it soon and FedEx man doesn't give you a lot of trouble!
  6. Happy Birthday! : )
  7. ^^Thanks, all :love:. SO also gave me a giftcard to Macy's (figured he'd cover all bases, poor man..) and I have no idea what to get from Nordstrom's or Macy's. Maybe I'll get a Toki or something.
  8. Happy Birthday and congrats!!!! :smile:
  9. congrats!
  10. Happy Birthday Merika! Congrats on getting the new Speedy! Hope you give us some modeling pics when you get it!
  11. :dothewave: Happy Birthday!!!! :heart: :heart: And congrats!!!
  12. congrats! Hope it doesn't take too long to arrive!! and happy birthday!!
  13. I thought about it long and hard...and tried to hold off for a bit. Your avatar's to blame for this one, crochetbella!
  14. Happy birthday & congrats!
  15. Have a lovely birthday and congrats on the new Speedy! It's great to treat yourself once in a while! :biggrin: