for my bday!

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  1. so my bday was LAST SAT the 7th was the bestest ever b/c my bf got me the gift the keeps on giving...DIAMOND STUDS yayayay!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. oooo, congrats! can you post pictures?? I LOVE looking at diamonds! hehehe
  3. congrats and happy belated birthday...
  4. Happy belated birthday! What a lovely gift!:nuts: Hooray for you!:yahoo:
  5. yay thanx i sure will post some pix!
  6. Congrats!!!

    Pics please!

    Know how :wlae: it feels cos the bf got me a pair when I turned 21 too. 3 years on, I still wear 'em pretty much almost everyday. And so will you! :graucho:
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