For My B-Day coming up-Delightful??

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  1. Ok so my B-day is coming up in October and I am starting early on figuring out a new bag :smile:. I'm thinking about the Delightful or possibly another bag, as of right now I have NO LV bags, I sold them off when I wasn't working. Now that I am working things are good and ready for a bag :smile: YAY!

    Tell me about the Delightful do you love it for those of you that have it? Give me some suggestions. I like shoulder bags mainly but willing to consider handheld.
  2. The Delightful is a great bag! Check out the Delightful Club in the LV Clubhouse for lots of pics and comments. Let us know what you decide!!
  3. I love the delightful! it's comfortable on the shoulder, super lightweight, and affordable. I have the PM & it holds more than enough! i posted a couple pictures in the clubhouse, as did others. good luck w/ your decision!
  4. I have the Delightful PM, & I love it. To be a PM size it's really very roomy and I feel that it was worth every penny! I don't carry it on a daily basis though because most times I don't need to carry a lot but I'm sure that will change at some point. Very comfortable & looks good with just about anything, I think you should try Delightful and see what size is best for you, the pricepoint for any size can't be beat for a LV.
  5. I don't own the Delightful, but if you like it, go for it!
  6. I love my delightful, I have the MM and it's huge! So make sure you check them all out before you deicide on a size GL OP!
  7. Delightful. PM is the size I would go for as MM is too big. Like what Jadensmommy said make sure you try all sizes to see which one suits you best.
  8. I've tried the Delightful at the boutique and the Delightful is so lightweight and comfortable on the shoulders! Was tempted to get the GM size but held of for another purchase :smile: