for my 1st hermes item...

  1. Hello wonderful ladies of the hermes subforum....

    I am very new to Hermes products and have been hanging around here for several weeks, looking at ebay for hermes products or what not, coz where I live (WA), there is no Hermes store near-by.. I am considering on making my 1st buy and was looking at this item...

    eBay: AUTHENTIC HERMES EBENE & HAVANE TOILE HERBAG (item 170016374482 end time Aug-16-06 22:13:46 PDT)

    it is by one of the reputable sellers listed on this subforum as well... right now, I know I want a kelly and a birkin but I know that will not be happening in the near future.. so my question is... what are your thoughts regarding this bag as my 1st purchase? i like that it is flexible, two diff colors and all... but other than that, I am still clueless I guess coz I do not own any hermes yet.... I have seen it on multiple occasions and they r so gorgeous and makes me look at them more and more.. and since you wonderful ladies have owned such wonderful items, I would really want your comments...

    thanks for reading this and hope to hear lots of feedback from you all.. thanks again.
  2. This style is called Herbag. It comes in different styles and leather/canvas combo, and is very much available in practically any Hermes stores. U should visit ur local store and see how u like other choice instead of buying on ebay.

    Edit: with the price u r going to pay for this listing u posted, u can get a brand new one from Hermes store.
  3. Hi Bluxcape,

    I am soooo with you in your search for your first Hermes bag! I can totally understand your impatience, etc (in fact I jsut bought my first Kelly, I am still in some kind of shock :smile:)

    I agree with HermesBB, for that money you can buy it from Hermes direct and you can choose the style, size and everything. The HerBag is a great bag, so very versatile and wonderful for a first bag.
  4. I think you should visit the store as well to see all your options and to know more about hermes different bags.. then you will be able to decide.

    goodluck :smile:
  5. I love the Herbag (have one myself) and flossy is a wonderful seller!! I think it's a great choice for you first hermes bag ( it was my first h bag, too!) They are very versitile, and a great price. I think the one flossy has listed is lovely!:yes:
  6. thanks for your feedback so far... i guess just curious here, how much does herbag's typically cost? i guess flying to sf or las vegas would be good then....... gosh, and when I was down in Sac-town, never thought of going to the hermes store, but now, I so want to go.. thanks all..
  7. The herbag has been discontinued. Apparently someone has spotted them in Las Vegas and another member purchased one in Hawaii. I am assuming these are the bags that have not sold during the sale. The herbags were on sale at this year's winter sale in NYC. I hear the hardware to change the bags is difficult, but I am speaking from someone's testimony as I do not own one myself. Finding one in the store may be difficult.
  8. I sold an Herbag on consignment a couple of years ago. I don't know if it's just me being a klutz but undoing the clasps drove me nuts!
  9. Weeeel, honsetly, it's not my fave. They are cute but can be fussy to get into. I'd recommend a Trim, Bolide or Evelyne for a good starter H bag...:smile:
  10. thanks all...... now, I am gonna be looking for more.. gosh so many things to learn before thanksgiving.. (going to vegas, bf says so more time to really think as to what to get for my 1st hermes bag... more time to save too.. heheh).. thank u all for all your insight.. very much appreciated..