For Ms. Loganz~introducing Thickskin pics

  1. Hope they came out OK, and brighten up the sucky day you had. :sad2:

    Thickskin Bucket in black Cannibal and Jungle leather.

    Last pic is of suede lining.
    TS1P4060614.JPG TS3P4060616.JPG TS2P4060622.JPG TS4P4060619.JPG TS5P4060621.JPG TS6P4060624.JPG TS7P4060623.JPG TS8P4060625.JPG
  2. Bjara, totally off the subject, but I cant believe how familiar you look!
  3. Thanks for posting the great pics. The leather looks amazing. How does it feel? Can you compare it to any other bags? Texture? Thickness? Slouchy?
  4. Well, we are sort of in the same vicinity...maybe we know each other! :biggrin:

    Do you visit the CO river in the summer?
  5. Hmm. I'm really not good at describing things, but I'll try.

    Texture...smooth leather with the feel of crackles in it. The site says it has an acid wash on it. The crackles are smooth, as in if you moisturized it, it would flow on easily, and not get stuck in the cracks. The leather has a smooth finish on's not "naked" or washed leather.

    The leather is nice, not thin by any means. It's not stiff, but not really slouchy either. It seem as though it would have the potential to get slouchy with use. In the pictures, the bags are stuffed with the tissue that came in them, so they didn't have the weight of my stuff in them to give them some life. The lining is suede, I think that makes a really nice feature. There is one large zipper pocket inside, and that is it. No cell phone pockets, etc. Also, they do not come with dust bags.

    The only thing that threw me, and mind you I knew this prior to ordering, is the zipper color vs. the buckle color. The zipper pulls are gunmetal black, whereas the buckle is a distressed copper. This is the way she designed them, so what do I know? :lol:

    I'm really happy with them. ;)
  6. Thanks for the info Bjara. Which one are you carrying today? :smile:
  7. OOOHHHH.....Thank you ten times over - now, I am so excited....I really like them. :nuts:

    The leather looks great, I am bummed about the dustcover; but, when I am not using it it can sleep in the cover of the bag I am using.

    I can't wait to see the suede lining for myself, that is a real nice feature.

    I think it is a real good bag for the money. Seems maybe even nicer than some of my more expensive bags; I love a great deal. :nuts:

    Thanks again Bjara - I hope you like them, Now, I am going to be wondering if I should order a different style Thickskin too. :lol: :biggrin:
  8. I just realized who you look like:idea: . You are twins to a next door neighbor I had about 6 years ago. I dont think you and I have ever met. Unfortunately, the last time my hubby and I were at the river was about 6 years ago.:cry: You would be amazed how much you look like her though!:lol: ;)
  9. Bjara, congrats on two great looking bags! I have been eyeing that bucket bag...How does it sit on the shoulder? It looks like it would be perfect. I am interest in seeing that "blood" something color they have.
  10. I really like the brown one :love: Great purchases!
  11. Oh my, I'm caught. :lol:

    Well, let me give you a glimpse of my life on most days. :P

    Wake up and get older son ready and off to school by 8:00. Come home fix breakfast for my younger son, and help him with whatever else he needs. Treadmill for 30-40 minutes. Shower and beautify. :wacko: Put clean jammies BACK on. Have breakfast, play with younger son and make his lunch. Take younger son to school, so he can be there by 11:10. (1/2 day K) And yes, if I am not going anywhere immediately from there, I will drive him in jammies. ;) (It's right outside of our neighborhood). Come home, relax for a few with my coffee and computer time. Put a load or two of laundry in. About 3 out of 5 weekdays I will then get dressed and venture out either to the mall, grocery store, or just general errands. I have just a two hour time slot before I have to pick both boys up. Homework, snacks, play and then we all will have some downtime for an hour or so. I usually nap, they usually either play PS2 or watch their favorite shows.

    And so on....

    So, to answer your question, it's 11:02 AM here. My hair is still wet, I have sweats on....and I haven't even thought about what purse I am going to use today. :lol:
  12. Oh Loganz.....did you get a package today? :biggrin:
  13. LOL - Yes, I did get a thickskin bucket bag today - and I was very impressed with the quality of the bag - the leather is very thick, yet the bag is not too heavy - the hardware is great - and the suede interior is a nice touch.

    I would definitely buy a bag from the them in the future - :biggrin: