For Mom's On The Go: Would You Buy This Pushchair That Changes Into A Scooter!

Jan 23, 2006

On the go: A model demonstrates the Roller Buggy


How it works: The bottom section of the buggy extends and transforms into a scooter


Versatile: The baby seat can be positioned to face towards or away from the parent


Compact: The baby seat can be removed allowing the rider to use the design solely as a scooter

you're a busy mum with people to meet and places to see then an Austrian designer may have come up with the perfect solution to get you from A to B - in the form of the Roller Buggy.

It may look like a normal buggy but design team Pix Studio claim it's the only pushchair, come transport vehicle, to own.

Valentin Vodev, the designer behind the concept, who's also created a pair of duck-like shoes for swimming and a laser lighter, believes converting ideas into products is an adventure. The question is, just who will be adventurous enough to take their child for a spin in the Roller Buggy?

Article written by Elenor Glover For The Dailyfemail.

siri anne

Dec 23, 2006
Noooo! Too tired when I was a new mom most days to even walk let alone scoot.

Have a feeling some darling Dad's out there will think that is a fantastic idea though:Push: I could see my DH trying to convince me to buy that!