For Mom's On The Go: Would You Buy This Pushchair That Changes Into A Scooter!

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  1. [​IMG]
    On the go: A model demonstrates the Roller Buggy

    How it works: The bottom section of the buggy extends and transforms into a scooter

    Versatile: The baby seat can be positioned to face towards or away from the parent

    Compact: The baby seat can be removed allowing the rider to use the design solely as a scooter

    you're a busy mum with people to meet and places to see then an Austrian designer may have come up with the perfect solution to get you from A to B - in the form of the Roller Buggy.

    It may look like a normal buggy but design team Pix Studio claim it's the only pushchair, come transport vehicle, to own.

    Valentin Vodev, the designer behind the concept, who's also created a pair of duck-like shoes for swimming and a laser lighter, believes converting ideas into products is an adventure. The question is, just who will be adventurous enough to take their child for a spin in the Roller Buggy?

    Article written by Elenor Glover For The Dailyfemail.
  2. Noooooo! That could be so dangerous! Noooooo!
  4. That would be too much to think about... I'd most likely fall over
  5. I'd be affraid of tipping over and harming the baby :nogood:
  6. Looks like fun, yet dangerous too..
  7. Noooo! Too tired when I was a new mom most days to even walk let alone scoot.

    Have a feeling some darling Dad's out there will think that is a fantastic idea though:Push: I could see my DH trying to convince me to buy that!
  8. Looks dangerous for the baby...but kinda fun.
  9. not me!
  10. hhaha! I would feel like a dork.
  11. I'm no mum but it pictures make it look fun - it'll probably give the baby motion sickness and that's no fun!
  12. Not for me either
  13. That contraption looks like about 20 different things could go wrong while using it.
  14. Absolutely not!
  15. Goodness gracious. NO!!