For Mommyville and Fieldsinspring - My new Ali

  1. She is a big girl but she is SOOOO beautiful!!!
  2. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats on that Ali! She is beautiful. I have the Ali five colors and she truly is my one of my favorites. You will not regret buying that bag. Ali is a workhorse and she will give you many years of service. I love the whiskey color so much. It is truly a very rich color. Enjoy your new bag.
  3. Gorgeous!!!
  4. Beautiful! I love the whiskey color. It's so versatile and will go with anything. Congrats on your new Ali. You're going to love it.
  5. SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTEY PERFECT ON YOU!!!! I LOVE the whiskey Ali and so will you!!! GORGEOUS!!!! CONGRATS and use her well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to hear all about your first outing w/ her!!!! YAY!!!
  6. wow.. she looks absolutely perfect on you!!! :tup: Thanks so much for the pics, enjoy her!!!! :yes:
  7. BEAUTIFUL on you!!! Enjoy it! :yes::tup:
  8. So cute! I also have the Ali in whisky and I love her! She will get you so many compliments!
  9. Thanks for posting pic..the ali looks great on you!! :yes:
  10. Nice Ali! It's looks great on you.
  11. OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats!! BEAUTIFUL Ali! Looks awesome on you! Love the color - I have the Ali in Whiskey, too, and I just adore her!
  13. This bag is beautiful and it looks great on you too !
  14. Mommyville? Fieldsinspring? But what about me!!!!!! I thought I was the Ali :queen:Queen? Have I fallen from grace? . . . :yahoo:You're beautiful and :yahoo:Ali is beautiful and now may I request that you present yourself in the:yahoo: "Ali Support Group" thread.
  15. uhm maybe it's because I failed to declare another Ali conquered! I purchased another WHITE Ali :yes:because no Ali Queen could have just one! My sincere apologies to the Ali kingdom!:flowers: