For Mombasa Owners


Dec 7, 2006
Delayed but better late than never...I got my 1st Mombasa. I have always wanted one actually. I'm thrilled that I finally do. I am not into trends. I lean more towards classics--something I can wear many years later without looking tacky or feeling so-last-season-pls-hide-that-bag!

I need feedback on your thoughts, views & experience with you Mombasas pls!

I've always wanted one!

in my (strong, I realize) opinion, it's the only ysl bag worth having!

would you mind sharing where you bought it? how much?

perhaps post a picture (or two)?

congratulations on the purchase!

i just got a white.. looks nice but i'm just afraid it'll get dirty easily..
anyone knows what kind of skin the bag is made of? can i apply those leather polish if it gets dirty?
hi everyone, this is the first time i post in this forum

and i strongly agree that the mombasa is the most worth owning YSL bag ever.....quality is excellent...sleek and classic silhoutte...easy to match with any clothes....and i'm still carrying the bag often despite the fact that muse is becoming so heated.....since i'm rather short....mombasa is loud enough without overpowering

however....there are a couple of downsides too...the bag itself is a bit too heavy and the handle would detach if u put very heavy things in the bag too often
ooh, twistine, thanks for the heads up on the handle detaching...i carry a lot of stuff, and although i want the vincennes, i'm sure that would have the same problem...def. something to think about.
i have a chocolate dark brown mombasa its one of my favorite bags and its definitely a keeper CLASSIC with a twist ! as for the handle detaching i had the same problem when i bought mine but im so meticulous i inspected every inch of it before bringing it out of the ysl boutique, and i actually encountered the O-ring which attaches the handle to the bag detach i pointed this out to the SA and she told me its defective and got me another one from the stockroom. When you buy yours turn the O-ring around and check that its close bec some of these O-rings are open and this is why the handle detaches. I carry a lot of stuff and pack all my bags to the brim and not once had my mombasa detached, just make sure to check the O rings before you buy them ... hope that helps