For mnshopgirl32 / Marlo

  1. Marlo,

    Here's the picturers you asked for. Hope this is helpful!!! The Timeless Classic has longer straps (but not by much).




  2. Uh oh, I foresee a diamond stitch tote in Marlo's future.:roflmfao:
  3. ohh they look so cute side by side!
  4. great bags. i want the black one now.
  5. i LOVE the black one! what's it called and how much is it? Thanks!

  6. You know me too well Mon! :yes:

    Thanks Dawn - that helps A LOT!!!!
  7. Oh my! is the black one Lambskin ? :drool:
  8. The black one is the Timeless Classic, on the box they call it:

    Chanel Petit Shopping

    Black Lambskin - current retail for 1/16/07: $1995

    10" wide, 7 1/2 tall, 6" wide, about an 11" drop handle

    I posted it in the reference #21, see link below:

    So Marlo......which one will you get????:p
  9. I'm leaning towards the diamond stitch now, lol. If there was a money tree in my backyard, I get the black timeless classic tote and the white ds like you!
  10. wow beautiful bags!
  11. I love both bags, beeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!
  12. Okay, two more to add to my wishlist. Gorgeous!
  13. both bags are gorgeous.
  14. :drool: I think I need a DS tote. GORGEOUS dawn! what great pics!
  15. Is the timeless classic/petit shopping still available? And in what colors? I am really liking that bag...