? for mini lin owners

  1. What has been your experience so far with this fabric?

    I tried on the noe today and I love it. I have a mono petite noe, love the design and think that the mini lin would be a nice option.

    So...early mini lin owners, are you happy with the quality/durability of the fabric?
  2. YES!!!! Extremely happy. Love the lightness of the fabric, it would be very nice in the noe... very nice!
  3. I have posted a few times about my Mini Lin Dune Speedy. I LOVE it! I posted the other day about how I rubbed against my dirty car with it and it had some black dirt along the side. I used baby wipes to get the dirt off and you cant tell it was ever dirty!
  4. Mini Lin ebene is my favorite line! Completely low-maintenance. Now if they would just make a Mini Lin LH... ;)
  5. I have the dark mini lin speedy and love the fact that it is lightweight...plus the feel of the leather handles is softer than the usual handles on something like the speedy or damier ribera.
  6. I'm thinking of getting a billfold and wanted to know how it holds up. I love how it's so much softer than the other lv wallets. Anyone with a mini lin wallet?
  7. I just got one too, and I :heart: it.
  8. yes, very very happy....i still get lots of looks when i use my speedy. i also tried on the noe the other day in mini lin and it is truly lovely!!!
  9. Ooohh... Get the Noe in Mini Lin it's beautiful and very durable.
  10. The quality and durability are GREAT! I have the Speedy and it's holding up good! I love it and it's resistant too! Very well protected!
  11. It doesnt fray right?
  12. Very happy, in fact today i just switched to her :smile: I have hte dark mini lin speedy. Perfect bag for rainy/snow days no worries about naked leather :smile:

    Its very light in weight and seems very durable.
  13. No additional pulling or fraying, no.

    The other day a stick of deodorant exploded and unfortunately did so on my ebene mini lin. It took a while and quite a bit of scrubbing to take it off, but indeed the deodorant did come off. Yay.
  14. My Mini Lin Speedy is wonderful! It's so lightweight and the materials used feel so luxurious.
  15. yes the mini lin is sooo lovely in ebene. I tried the noe also and it is beautiful