for mimi bal bag history

  1. i finally found my original bal first black bag from circa 2001- 2002. it does have flat brass hardware and rivets have no it looks hand made! i bought in bal paris store so no questions about authenticity. even the leather tag inside is not perfectly even. the left side of the inside tag is slightly longer. the tag says balenciaga and underneath that it says paris, no dots or dashes. the reverse sise of tag is suede like. rivets have no indentations. it looks so unique from my current bal bags. i think it is from the second season it was made.
  2. yes! it sounds like it - and it sounds beautiful.. awww I feel so honored to have this topic! THANK YOU! :love:

    please please please let me know if you ever want to part with it ;) you know I would give it a loving home if you ever want to give it up!

    love ya girl! thanks again :love:
  3. i am not willing to part with it now bc i think it is actually the true vintage motorcycle bag. i left another really old first caramel in bev hills a few months ago and will retrieve it in a couple of weeks. i think it is also from 2002. i will post description when i get it back. i bought that one the first year Barneys started carrying them in states. it is really interesting how these bags have evolved. it is great to have a place and bal lovers to share this stuff.
  4. Pictures pleaseeeee!
  5. chaus, it is! I actually received a 2002 buckle hobo bag today with the vintage-esque leather.. it's INCREDIBLE! And then I have my suede messenger from fall '02.... and my '03's... hehe. I'm obsessed with the old babies!!!!!

    I can't wait to see photo's and hear about your other lovely bags :love:
  6. Chaussurewhore,

    I would love to see photos comparing the two bags! I only recently got mine a month ago and have no idea how the old ones look.