? for Miami'ers

  1. Hey there. I have a friend who is going down from May 25th-28th. What clubs would you recommend? She's going with her friends and they are into Hip-Hop music.
  2. I just moved back from that area recently. Just tell her to park down in South Beach and walk, there are too many great ones to list!
  3. ^That's what I told her.
  4. Bed is awesome, as is Marlin and Sky Bar, Nikki is pretty cool, and Fat Tuesday is a touristy fun spot.
  5. How old is your friend? Senior Frogs, Mansion, Nocturnal, Opium, Deep... under 30. For over 30, Nikki Beach, Pearl, Mynt, Sky Bar, Bed.

    Have your friend look on www.citysearch.com under Miami to get a good idea about things going on. HTH.
  6. Miami has the best nightlife ever.
  7. The Delano Hotel is another great place if your friend just wants to hang out.
  8. Thanks you've given me great ideas. She's 25. I kind of want to plan a night for her and then surprise her w/a bottle of bubbly for her BDAY.