For me_love_purse

  1. Amanda: sorry! Couldn't find the thread where me_love_purse asked to see me model the GST or else I would have just posted this there.

    me_love_purse: hope this helps! Sorry its a little blurry... the screen on my digital camera broke. For reference, I'm 5'2" without shoes on.

  2. What a beautiful bag in the beige color! Mine is back w/silver but I seriously love the beige!! You look great with it too. :biggrin:
  3. Thanks IntlSet....
    You look great..... You are right about the color... It is easy to match. And it looks great with black and jeans
  4. beautiful bag!!
  5. Hey Intlset whatcha doing with my GST?
  6. i love this bag in this color. Oh, why did you have to post this? seriously, it looks fabulous on you.
  7. looks hot! congrats!!