For me, it's just not an issue...

  1. Don't let it be for you either:p Dark Silver Reissue 227 the first photo is with the flash
    DSC02604.jpg DSC02605.jpg DSC02606.jpg DSC02607.jpg DSC02608.jpg
  2. a couple more
    DSC02609.jpg DSC02610.jpg DSC02611.jpg DSC02616.jpg
  3. The color is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the chain as well!
  4. A real stunner, congrats!!
  5. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love it:heart:..Congratulations
  6. Love it ... Enjoy
  7. oh snap! GORGEOUS bag Mama!!!:drool:
  8. bag for a hot lady! Just lovely!
  9. That is love :smile:
  10. Congrats Chag, it's gorgeous.
  11. oooooooh, so pretty! you look great with that color!
  12. congrats! lovely bag and love the close up of the chains.
  13. Nice!!!!
  14. Beautiful!!!
  15. looks great on you! i want mine toooooo...