For Maxter

  1. I fondled your beloved Chevron flap today. It really is unique and quite stunning IRL!
    Very luxe IMO w/ all that extra leather, and SOOO soft!
    Here's some photos, Shannon has at least one right now:yes:
    IMG_2230.jpg IMG_2233.jpg
  2. Hehe - Swanky...I love your enabling ways!! :graucho:
  3. who me!?:p
  4. pretty! how much is the black one?
  5. its beautiful, my sister got it from Neiman Marcus last week. I think it was about $2,000+. It is very unique and special though definitely a lovely addition to any collection.
  6. oh my, it is exquisite. swanky, is it about same size as the Leo bag?
  7. VERY similar if not the same:yes:
    Look at the front detail/clasp, it's SO pretty!
  8. ^^ i know i know! I'm always obsessed with intricate clasps. oy if i hadn't seen Leo first...
  9. I personally prefer Leo :smile:
  10. ^thanks swanky. i'm quite taken by the lil guy:tender:
  11. wow that's some bag, swanky!! the clasp is gorgeous.
  12. [​IMG]
    Thanks Swanky! I loved the title of this post!! I had no idea what would be inside - a purple python tote perhaps!?!

    I think this is a really fun twist on the classic black bag. There was this one and ONE other one that had bigger Vs and a little less "pleating". I can't remember which I pre-ordered. I guess I'll know when I get it!

    Thanks so much dear!! I :heart: you!

    OMG - I just noticed the 8knot hobo in the background!! That bag is also a "maybe" on my list - in brown.
  13. this bag is gorgeous... but did anyone notice the light blue one in the bottom left corner? what skin is that? snake? it looks beautiful and that color is so nice and bright.
  14. oooh fun pic!
  15. I think it looks like python.