For Matinee and MA owners

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  1. What can you fit inside your Matinee, as opposed to your regular sized MA?

    I had one briefly and returned it and it seemed also pretty big, but I also seem to recall the opening being smaller so I have the impression that it doesn't hold as much as the MA. Is this true?

    Can you fit a large book inside? How much of your stuff can you fit inside the Matinee as opposed to the MA?

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. The Matinee does indeed have a shorter opening. Overall, with the two pockets on the end, the bag is sizeable, and you can fit lots of stuff in it. However, because the central opening is smaller and the room is allocated to the two side pockets, you can't fit a large notebook or laptop inside or anything like that. Even so, the organization on the Matinee is awesome!
  3. Thank you GUNG! I knew you would know! :okay:
  4. I think they are both about the same size widthwise? Think of the Matinee, instead of being one giant compartment like the MA, as divided into three sections: one large middle and two smaller ends.
  5. If this helps, the Matinee main compartment is about 10"Wx7"H. I can fit a magazine if I kind of slide it in like a newspaper, if that makes any sense.
  6. The MA has a wider opening. The Matinee needs a bit of "persuading" when you're putting things inside the large compartment, because the zipper doesn't go all the way to the ends. That said I do think the MA would hold more...

  7. I agree! However, the Matinee just does such a super job of organizing everthing while the MA I kind of just throw all my stuff in (Or I use a Chameleon organizer)
  8. Agreed with the above comments. I had to return my first Morning After bag because it felt like I had to dig through to extract things. I got a Morning After Mini, and it still feels too deep for my tastes. The Matinee is just right!
  9. Thank you ladies! I will give the matinee a try! :smile: