For Malin (pics of TP26 and NF in both Jungle/Palm dots colors)

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  1. I don't know how to share pics here at TPF so I make a thread with pics of the new collection!

    TP26 and NF in both colors!

    First off is TP26 blue
  2. And pink TP26!
  3. Pics of NFs will come soon!
  4. Thank you!
    You are the best! :smile:
  5. NFs will come! ;) just busy with clutch purchase :P
  6. Ohhh, exciting ;)
  7. So pretty!! Thanks for posting. :smile:
  8. NFs!
  9. The last picture was a comparision with the DE since I will myself a NF and really don't know if I should go for the DE or any of the Jungle/Palm dots...
  10. And here is the Chain as well!
  11. And for reference, I am 155cm/5ft-5ft1in tall. All NFs are MM size!
  12. Hmm.
    I must say that the poppy/denim looks great on you! Seems it goes very well with jeans. :smile:
  13. The poppy/denim was great, really liked it! But the pink IS more balanced in colors I think. But the denim will be so much more easy to use for me :smile: and with jeans it was perfect!

    The DE gets melts together with what you wear, still love it but for summer and spring the palm dots are better than what I thought some days ago haha.

    Even the chains are good, they are much more "softer" and works better with the monogram IRL.
  14. Where are you that these TP26 are available?!?
  15. Gosh those LV trunks.....!!!
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