For LV addicts, which bag do you carry the most? read on please

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  1. Some of you have amazing collection, so I was wondering which bag do you carry the most?
  2. Well, all last winter I used my Manhattan PM bag. This summer I just got the White MC Trouville so I'll use that all summer, then go back to an mono bag in the fall.
  3. Monogram Speedy 30 :smile:
  4. Alma
  5. In the winter its mainly my mono piano, sometimes my mono speedy.During nicer months the rest of my bags (dependong on clouds and rain:smile:

  6. Although I have a mono Speedy too I actually use my red epi Speedy much more. It's a great bag!
  7. Speedy 25 or 30 hands down!
  8. My BH during the nicer weather, speedy during the rain.

    However, my new red epi alma is threatening to be my most-used bag.
  9. Probably my Speedy, though I'll probably carry my Vernis Reade a lot over the summer, since it's a cute, fun bag :smile:
  10. Right now its the cabas mezzo.I always go back to the speedy.
  11. Black MC Speedy, Petit Noe, Papillon 30, Neo Speedy and Cerises Speedy.
  12. I have two speedy 30 or batignolles horizontal, it all depends shoulder or handheld
  13. That's hard becasue I have so many bags and rotate them sooo much.

    I used to use my old white MC speedy a l lot before I sold it and bought a new one.

    Also I use my mono musette a lot because its hands free.

    Also in the summer I carried by blue denim baggy a lot

    ........And lately I've been using my damier mezzo bag a lot

    Told you it was hard. :shame: I rotate a lot. But my shoulder LV bags have been winning lately because they are easy to carry.
  14. gold miroir pap and sonatine<---seasonless bag for me^^
  15. speedy 30, which i carry year round (&& even in the rain hehe)