For LV Addict!!!! (Irene)

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  1. Okay, I look like crap (and you can see a potty seat in the background; oh the joys of potty training) but at least now you can see how the bag looks on a 5'1 frame. :shame:

    Don't laugh! :worried:

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  2. Wanted to add that I ordered a new drawstring from LV today for the bag. It came to $41.70 with shipping and tax. Should have it in a week.
  3. It looks GOOD on you Becca!!
  4. Is that the Petit Noe? Thank you soooooo much!!! I've been waiting to see it on someone! It is gorgeous!

    I can totally relate to the potty training thing.:biggrin:
  5. OMG!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! Now I am getting one for sure!!!
    P.S. You look SO CUTE!!! AH, the potty training days!!!:biggrin:
  6. Becca--you're really a cute woman. And don't worry--I'm straight, not hitting on you. Just saying you don't "look like crap" as you put it. :P
  7. Glad to see it on someone before my Epi PN gets here. I'm 5'1 too. Its looks good on you.
  8. Great bag, Becca! You wear it well!!!
  9. That is so cute!!!
  10. Your patina looks fab!!
  11. Aw you are a pretty lady!
  12. Becca, you are a very good looking woman!! I like your potty, just kidding. The noe looks great on you!
  13. I agree with everyone, that Noe looks great on you !! :biggrin:
  14. that's a cute picture. you don't look like crap!
  15. Becca, you have sold me on the Petit Noe...It looks great!