For lovin my bags reconditioning - does Barbara send you pictures?

  1. I just had my Chanel Cambon reconditioned with Barbara and she said it's done! For anyone who's had Barbara recondition their bags does she take pictures of the finished product for you or does she just send you an invoice?

  2. No clue- but I'd love to hear from someone who has had a bag cleaned by her! I'm thinking sending a few of my bags in.
  3. She said she would send pics if I wanted. I never asked for any. I was just happy she got the coffee stain out of my Botkier. She does a great job. Turn around time from me sending to getting it back was about 2 weeks. It was pretty pricy though. 125.00 plus shipping to and from. But worth it when you are thinking that a 600.00 bag is ruined.
  4. Feel free to move this or tell me if there's a better place to post so people know about it, but "Without a Trace" in Chicago has been very, very good to me...

    I got horrible, oily, leather-dye stains all over the side of my sand deerskin Be & D Crawford tote--before I'd ever carried it even once--and they made the stains almost completely disappear. You wouldn't know it was once such a mess unless we were in bright light and I showed you.

    Without a Trace has a web site and an 800 number, quick turnaround, and if I recall correctly, the charge was less than $75 plus the shipping.

    I called them pretty much hysterical and they saved the day.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation--didn't know a good place to go to in Chicago. I just recently got a 2005 Fendi Spy that could use a little help.
  6. Barbara sent me pictures - it looks great!

    I can't wait to get it. I know that Barbara has been swamped and turnaround time was about 2.5 weeks which I don't mind.
  7. I have a Mulberry Roxanne that needs the leather evened out - I used too much of that Apple cleaner, condiitoner on it and it just doesn't look right - Who do I call to have this fixed?? Just caught this thread. Thanks!!!!!
  8. Double post, sorry.
  9. Thanks so much Lexie!!!!!! Just spoke to Barbara.