For Love of Hermes - HK Tatler

  1. In the LIFE section of Hong Kong Tatler

    "In an auction blending home and fashion accessories dubbed From City Chic to Alpine Retreat, Christie's London put on the block a mix of Rococo silver gilt mirrors, chinese ceramics.... and a collection of 23 crocodile leather kelly bags. But it was a Rouge H Crocodile kelly bag by Hermes that stole the show. It was estimated to realise US$23-25,000 but sold for a surprising US$63,000 to a private European buyer, making history as a world record price realised for an hermes"

    The article is accompanied by a picture of a vintage Rouge H Porosus 32cm kelly with gold hardware (no diamonds) in what seems to be pristine condition. It did not say who is the former owner of this bag. But what a huge premium to pay.... talk about an amazing return on investment. I guess the buyer wants that bag real bad!
  2. Thank you for sharing. That's so $$$$. :nuts:Is it possible to see the picture please? :flowers:
  3. archangel, are you in HK?

    Incredible story ... 23 croc Kellys. How does that work? How much $? How much closet space? How much SA bootlicking? *naive*
  4. WOW. If it was my great, grandmother's Kelly, I will rob my husband to acquire it out of sentimental value.

    archangel ... I think the buyer did it because of societal posturing. ;)
  5. Wow. You're right archangel - great ROI. Maybe I should show that to DH and then start saving to buy a croc. :p
  6. :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  7. I wonder where all those bags went off to? Haven't heard a peep from anybody....are y'all holding out on us???
  8. true h bags can be investments ( i told ya ) and this just proves it. btw wasn´t this tthe mc bain sale or another one?