For Louis dog lovers!!!

  1. this has already been posted but i find it hillarious, i want to buy it for my dog, he was named after lv
  2. Somebody posted this last week and I ordered one for my pug.
  3. My mini Schnauzer, Kramer, has one! I found it in a cute little gift shop somewhere about a year ago -- there are two sizes and I think I paid $12 for the larger size. (edited to add: I got him the white one that says Chewy Vuitton...)

    My hubby laughs at me because poor Kramer LOVES this toy and I don't want him to play with it too often and get it all dirty! :lol:
  4. Is there an LV stress ball or punching bag for husbands of LV lovers?
  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  6. i might get one for my bunny. she has a tendency to chew up my stuff.
  7. Please don't, it doesn't look bunny-safe. Looks like an intestinal blockage waiting to happen:sad: .

    Stick to the all-natural stuff, like the things from busybunny:yes:
  8. My dog has the Bark Jacobs shoe one BUT she has managed to chew two holes in it already:huh:
  9. I'd be scared they would get the toy confused with bags and then....
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