For ladies who pencil or shade in their eyebrows

  1. How do you do them?

    I usually just use an angle brush and just put on some powder. But I find that during the day they will lighten up. How do you keep them from lightening too much?

    I know that some of my friends pencil in their brows but I don't find them too natural.
  2. Hi,

    I find that if you use some sort of foundation on your face first, then apply the brow powder, it stays much better because it goes on over the foundation. I use Maybelline's brow powder and angle brush. I've had it for over 2 years and it's still look brand new.
  3. I use the anastacia kit and it works pretty well.
  4. I have used both Estee Lauder and Benefit and have seen no difference between the two. I think if you are born with the kind of skin that does not retain make-up well, then you need to re-apply, re-apply and re-apply.
  5. i also use the anastasia brow powder and it stays on all day for me too. but then i agree with bambie, i usually have no problem with any type of makeup (except lip colour of course) staying on all day for me.
  6. I use Benefit's Brow Zings which work fine but sometimes I do use my eyeliner pencil and shade in my eyebrows when I feel that they've faded. I usually slant the pencil and shade in really lightly so you don't get that plastered penciled in look. Or I'll use my finger to smudge lightly or a tissue to blend it in. Takes about a minute and looks natural.
  7. I like pencil because I think it lasts longer. At one point I also had the Benefit brow set but found it kind of hard to work with/not natural looking. It looks natural if you do very light feathery strokes, and a color that matches your hair. I have black hair... so I use grey pencil because it looks more natural. Shiseido is very good.
  8. I find that when using a pencil, it helps to use very short strokes and go against the hair. Then brush the opposite way with some gel to hold them in place.
  9. hmm. i usually use a powder but towards mid-day i touch up with a pencil. my eyebrows are super thin and it SUX!
  10. I found out a secret about pencils...DO NOT buy the color that you think matches your brow color! It will only make it look "fake"...I've been introduced to using "grey" or "blonde" for my black brows, and they work extremely well for me. Yes, I was VERY surprised, as I thought, blonde for my black brows? but it goes on very light and shows up as a grey...the two that I've found so far that works are Mary Kay's blonde and Mac's Fling....
  11. I use Lancome's "Natural Blonde" brow pencil (with my medium auburn/brunette hair) and it's perfect for me. It goes on really light, and as long as the pencil is sharpened, the strokes look natural and powdery, and stay on all day. (Or at least, all the while I'm in the office!)
  12. I use a pencil first (from Nars) and then I "set" it with eyebrow powder (from Smashbox). It lasts all day, stays put, and doesn't change color.
  13. Interesting tip. I will have to try this as sometimes I feel mine look too severe.
  14. I struggled and struggled with severe looking brows. I used pencils and powders for years, until I started using MAC's tinted eyebrow gel. Very natural looking, never fades and I love the look!!