For kids

  1. I have to do a project for my class. Could parents, or people who live with kids, tell me what your kids like to watch on tv and what movies they like? :confused1:
  2. what age?
  3. 10 and down.
  4. My niece who is 7 likes Scooby Doo. Her sister who is
    5 1/2 loves Dora the Explorer. That's about all I know! Don't have kids, yet! Good Luck!
  5. My kids are 7 and 5 and they both like watching Thats so raven and HAnna Montana. ALot of Disney shows. I took them to see the last Mimzy and they liked it. Lets see, barnyard, happy feet, spiderman, superman, power rangers, and spy kids.
    Man, my kids need to stop watching tv!
  6. My older ones like Drake and Josh. The baby likes Dora the Explorer and Go Diego. Surprisingly, they will all watch Molly and the Comfy Couch.
  7. Nicole is 3 and she likes to watch:
    - Caillou
    - Sponge Bob Square Pants
    - Sesame Street
    - The Wiggles (even though she doesn't understand english, lol)

    Here are some shows that some of the kids I babysat for liked:
    - Drake and Josh
    - Rugrats
    - Dora
    - Diego
    - Dragontales
    - Kenny the Shark
  8. Oops, forgot some!
    - The Backyardigans
    - Lazytown
    - Blues Clues
    - Max & Ruby
  9. My twin boys are four years old. We don't have cable, so they don't have access to a lot of t.v. (which is one of the reasons we don't have cable). They used to love anything Thomas the train, but they seem to be over that now. They watch PBS cartoons rarely. Mostly, they watch movies on dvds. Right now the favorites are Cars and Everyone's Hero about a talking baseball and bat.