For KathyD

  1. I missed you today girl! Shannon could not be any cuter, love pregnant Mommies!

    I took a picture of her Bubble Quilt display for you, she had a TON of stock today, a LOT of great stuff!:yes:
  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Thanks for the pic. :drool: I thought about the show all day. I will be coming up there soon. :tup: Did she have any reissues? Jumbos?
  3. She had a TON of flaps, but I'm not into them so I scanned right over them:shame:
    I almost called you from there . . . I should have!
    I'm almsot sure there were no Reissues although she did have a beautiful wallet on a chain that looked like a tiny little Reissue.
  4. I wish you had called. I actually thought about calling you too. I'm really into flaps. I'd love one in every color. :nuts: We'll have to meet soon. I wish Shannon would have another luncheon. :graucho:
  5. SHE IS!!! In September for accessories, We're SO in!