For Japanese Design Fans/For Fun - Shinzi Katoh

  1. These aren't expensive designer bags, but they're cute, summery and appealing. They recently lowered the price, too. By inexpensive, I mean way below $100.

    That page also has a nice selection of Bu-Den totes and Chikiriya bags. I just like the fun of them, thought the Tokidoki folks might like to see them, too. I found them while looking for a couple of totes to keep in the car to take to the whole foods market, because I'm trying to avoid taking home those plastic bags that don't recycle.

    Chikiriya was making clear plastic totes and portfolios long before they became as popular as they seem to be right now in SoCal (seems the younger girls are really into clear plastic). I love the Chikiriya clear plastic portfolios, mine have pink bindings - but I can't find any more of them. Mine have lasted without any sign of wear for 5-6 years and I'm not easy on things. But, unfortunately, haven't found any of those online - may have to make an actual trip to Downtown again.
  2. Cute bags, thanks. Are you looking for plastic totes only?
  3. No, not plastic in particular. In fact, I'm leaning toward canvas - and I really like the Bu-Den. I'm needing a couple of inexpensive totes to keep in the car for runs to the green grocery, trying so hard not to collect those unrecyclable plastic bags.

    I'm usually a leather kind of girl.
  4. Ecofriendly, quite cute:

    Crunch berries ecofriendly crocheted string grocery bag

    $15 plus shipping

    There's a shoulder version as well

    Don't Shoot Me Dick Cheney ecofriendly string grocery bag shoulder version


    I love reading the long description here :smile:


    You know you do it. You're eating that bowl of Crunch Berries, and you try really hard to end up with a couple bites of nothing but "berries" floating in the milk at the end of the bowl. Here's a market bag inspired by the sight of that least admitted, most delicious moment of the morning.

    This string bag is a compact, colorful, and groovy way to get your groceries from here to there. Wide comfy handles let you easily carry a light or heavy load; the bag is really sturdy and expands a LOT to hold whatever you pick up. This one is compact when empty (approx. 9" deep by 16" wide unfilled, with handles 10" side to side) -- and as you can see, it can handle everything from a little farmer's-market jaunt to a big haul at the co-op. The bag is worked in reclaimed/recycled 100% cotton worsted-weight yarn. The body is a variegated Lily Sugar-&-Cream in pinky-peach, dusty berry blue, and pale cream; the coordinating handles are a sweet cream color.

    Because this bag is stitched rather than stringy, it has a sturdier feel while still keeping that certain je-nais-c'est-quoi of a string bag. The spaces are smaller than on a "stringy" bag, too, making transport of smaller purchases worry-free.

    My favorite use for this bag is for groceries (as pictured), but you could totally use it as a beach tote, a day-trip diaper bag, or a tell-all purse. Or let it lead you to the flower markets in Paris, or a tianguis in Oaxaca!

    Keep two or three in the car or on the handlebars of your bike, and you'll be ready for any size shopping trip.

    The practicals: I will totally ship anywhere in the world at the slow rate -- if you need it really fast, contact me and I'll arrange with you. You can pay by PayPal, check (I'll ship after it clears), money order, or even cash if you hide it well."
  5. Thanks! I love the crunch berries one in particular!