for items not received

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  1. I bought a purse on eBay about three weeks ago. But I haven't received it yet. I contacted the seller for so many times, but he only replied to me one week after I sent the message. It reminded something I read from a previous thread here before, saying that some seller do this so the buyer would miss the deadline to flie a dispute.
    I filed a dispute through paypal. My question is, do I still need to file a non-receipt dispute through eBay? Also, how many days do paypal wait to rule if the seller does not reply to the dispute?
    Thank you.
    I called the CC company, they don't allow a chargeback or anything like that.......
    Please help. thanks
  2. Yes, you need to file an "item not recieved" with eBay as well. You can do this directly from "My Ebay" where it shows the auction you won.

    You should get your money back through PayPal and Ebay will/should take action against the seller as well.
  3. Did you escalate the dispute to a claim? Paypal has two steps. You dispute it first and if you don't hear from the seller you escalate it to a claim. If I were you, since the seller is non-responsive, escalate it to a claim right away. If you don't, Paypal will close your dispute and you won't have any backing from them.

    Which credit card company are you talking about? I've never heard of a credit card not allowing a chargeback for an item not received.
  4. ^ITA, do it NOW
  5. Hi
    thanks for your replies.
    I am in China, the CC service here sucks. THey said because i authorized the payment in the beginning, so, they can't make a chargeback. ......
    Ok, I will do the ebay dispute too!!!!!!
  6. interesting thing,,hm,,,they always redirect me to the paypal site....but I filed the claim already.....