for how much do you think i should sell these?

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  1. I have never sold anything Louis Vuitton before and i don't really know for ow much is should sell these bags. I also don;t know whats the best way to sell because i live i a country where the market voor lv isn't good. What do you guys think?

    mono pochette: made in 2002 france, dustbag included, perfect inside

    Musette tango short strap, made in 2001 france, dustbag included, receipt included, perfect inside.





  2. I would suggest doing some research on ebay to see what these are selling for can do this by looking at the completed items.
    Ebay is probably your best can sell to the world!
  3. thanks, how do i look at completed auctions? I would like to sell on Ebay u.s.a. but i have to do research about paying and custums if anybody has expereance please let me know
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  5. Hello, please consider eBay for these values.

    Sign into your ebay account - then go to advance search, you can select to search only completed auctions and this will give you an idea of the market value. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.