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  1. Ok. Im a jr rider, in HS (10th grade). Im thinking of possibly buying a 2 yr old warmblood filly from her breeder. breeder might be interested in taking my 17 yr old, 2nd level/event schoolmaster as a trade. I would be a working student for her this summer, in exchange for her helping me with the filly.

    Ive been riding for around 12 years, H/J until 11, eventing thru training level and dressage, schooling 3rd, goal 2-1. I dont mind taking a step back from showing and the BO has 4th level and PSG schoolmasters I can ride.

    IDK, does it sound like Im ready? Mom (exp dressage rider) does but.....
  2. To me it sounds like you are very ready. If the idea sounds fun to you I think you should go for it. Don't forget, before you know it you won't be a junior anymore, if happens fast!
  3. from an ability level you may or may not be ready -- with supervision i expect you would be fine with a baby horse.

    i think the more relevant question is whether this is the best thing for you right now -- and my guess is that it is not. at your point in your riding life, a schoolmaster is EXACTLY what you need - not a 2-yr old. you will spend more time in the saddle both learning and riding if you have your own than if you are depending on someone else for a ride. and your 2-yr old isn't going to be ready for backing and training for at least two years. also, any 2-yr old horse is an unknow quantity, so when that horse is ready to be ridden, who knows whether you will have a suitable dressage horse on your hands or not. i bought yearling as a prospect about 18 months ago, and he's developed a lameness that may be permanent. i have a farm and an income where i can hope to absorb the cost of keeping this horse to the end of his days -- but i sure would be up the creek if i were depending on him as my ride.

    there is SO much to be leaned on a 2nd level schoolmaster, my advice would be to keep him and show him -- you haven't shown 2nd level yet and the best way to ride up the levels is to learn to do it on horses that have already been there.

    ETA: i don't mean to sound like i'm bullying you, but i have seen SO MANY riders go down this path without success. i was on it myself unwittingly as the victim of a horse trader who sold me a sensitive 1st level horse that i had no idea how to train -- we stagnated at 1st level FOR FIVE YEARS. then i bought my wonderful departed GP schoolmaster Seoul, and within 18 months could ride all the GP movements on a trained horse. and because Seoul taught ME how to do them i have a prayer of teaching a young horse how to do them -- and that 1st level horse is 3rd/4th trained by ME!!!!!!! he could have gone FEI, but when he reached 20 yrs old i backed off on his training.

    stay on the schoolmasters -- really.
  4. DQ I hold your advice in high regard. I do have the option of riding 2 schoolmasters besides my guy. My guy is 17 and not really a solid 2nd level schoolmaster. He hasnt shown above 1-4. I actually am the one who installed the 2nd level solidness in him recently. He was an eventer with strong 1st level basics but weak at the collected/medium gaits. He could do it in the context of jumping (IE collecting before a jump) but not to dressage level- if that makes any sense. He evented in the 90's before dressage became a bigger concept in eventing
  5. ^^ITA wtih DQ.

    Another thing to consider is that your school load is likely to get more and more intense now that you are in 10 gr, the same age am my DD, by the way....we are looking at a similar situation, but we HAVE the filly already, so now, our 2nd level horse has taken a back seat, and we are sitting out shows, etc....We got to 2-1 and now we are on the sidelines...

    School work has doubled and the time is just not there to do everything...just .02 from another mom....
  6. oops, we crossposted!!!

    Now I see more what you mean about your schoolmaster....are you certain about the other dressage horses....I mean, it is a given that you will be able to ride them on a schedule that works for you??
  7. no one else rides them. One has ringbone so he is iffy. the other is sound as the day *lol*. I ride them 2x a week as it is now (well not now with how cold it is but I was) along with my guy. im pretty sure i'll be able to continue with them. also the breeder of the filly is looking for a working student poss so I might ride with her and work some of her horses...we are seeing the filly when it gets warmer so we'll see....
  8. ITA with DQ and CB on this. Not to undermine your abilities AT ALL though. I am almost 29 and I have been riding since I was 6, competing since I was about 10. As most "horsey people" on tPF know, I have a 20 month old TB now. He is my first "baby" and it requires 10 times the time, energy, and effort than a horse that is "finished." If the baby is to grow up "right" it takes hours or training and most importantly patience.....which obviously takes more time. Everyone always asks me how I have such a well behaved baby (with the exception of his stall rest induced antics:graucho:) when 3 months ago he had literally had ZERO human contact before I acquired him. I spend a minimum of 3-4 hours a day with him at the barn either actively working with him or just hanging out with him.

    I think the best thing you could do is just stay with the horses that can teach YOU how to excel to your highest ability. There is plenty of time down the road for a baby. Not to mention, can you imagine when you go to college and are possibly working at the same time? It just would not be fair to the baby. I commend you for wanting to step up for a huge time investment and project, but right now probably just is not the best time.
  9. ^Great advice.
  10. Good luck in your decision!!! :tup:

    You are in good hands w/ the tPF gals who've offered advice above!!!!!!!!!
  11. I agree. At the place I ride at, they have a 2 yr old Arab and he's a lot of work. I would stay with what you have right now and eventually work up to getting a younger horse. Best wishes to you.
  12. well I think we are looking at her sat (im home w/ a bad cold ick) but we arent even gonna think about it unless shes exceptional. lol....update sun/mon on the status of my crazy life
  13. :tup: Keep us posted, P&S!
  14. appt to see breeder sunday....
  15. decided to scrap the idea- filly was huge (gonna be 17.1 eek, Im 5'1) now Im gonna event my guy at Beginner Novice...so....anyone know of a used County all purpose, 16/16.5 medium tree for sale?? lol