For Holland TPFers, pls help...

  1. Have you ever bought bags (especially Chanel) from US (NM, Nordstrom, etc)? Do you know how much the duties and taxes? I'm planning to buy bag from my SA in State. Thanks. :confused1:
  2. Which bag are you looking for ? at this moment Chanel Amsterdam is very well stocked,many SS08 bags ! also the classic range.
    I have never bought Chanel bags from US boutique before.....but i heard you have to pay lots of taxes....
    I tried to PM you back last week but your PM was unable !
    Chanel Amsterdam does have sale ! normally only cloths and few pairs of shoes on sale,no handbags can always call them up 020 - 3053777 for the next sale.
  3. Yes, you have to pay 20% customs fees :yes:

    But like Anita says, did you check the Amsterdam boutique first if they have got the bag that you want? If they don't have it in stock they also can do a search for you around the European boutiques. If another boutique has the bag, then they can ship it for you to Amsterdam.
  4. Thank you NL3181 & Beautylicious! The info really help especially the custom fees and Chanel sale in Amsterdam. Actually, I want to buy sale (more than 50%) item from there, so I thought if 20% in customs fees, still 30% saved. The bag is mini mademoiselle, price from $1750 to $787. But still confuse whether to buy or not.
  5. indeed, the dutch customs are quite high, in my experience you also have to pay some 'administrative' costs when importing something through mail :s
  6. Roxana, they do ship worldwide. My SA's told me in email, both from Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Yeah, I should consider the custom fees. :confused1: Is the administrative costs also high? Do you remember how much is it? Thanks!
  7. Yes I saw that! I edited my post already because of that... :smile: I don't exactly remember what the costs were, but I know I was surprised about it because I ended up paying something like 100 euros extra on tax and adm.costs on a (vintage) bag worth 500 dollars!
    Maybe you can call customs about it. Or check the website, though I remember it not being too helpfull...
  8. Maybe they're willing to ship it as a 'gift' and with low value? I read about girls in US asking this to their SA's in other states, so maybe they will do that internationally as well?
    I always do that since that time I had to pay 100euros (though mainly through private sellers) and never had to pay anything anymore :p The only risk is that it is only insured for the low amount...

  9. Thank you, Roxana! I am willing to do that. :tup:
  10. would anyone mind telling me where chanel boutiques are in amsterdam? i might be going there next month..... thanks!
  11. CHANEL Boutique
    P.C. Hooftstraat 66 - 68
    Amsterdam 1071 CA
    Phone: 020 - 3053777
    Ready to wear - Handbags - Shoes - Other accessories (costume jewelry, scarves, ties) - Watches - Fragrance - Makeup

    If you are there do ask for Michelle,she is a sweet hearth :tup:
  12. NL3181, which one is Michelle? Only know middle-age lady in Chinese face, she helped me when I was there.
  13. Michelle has blond hair(shoulder length,a bit curly),
    the one you are talking abt(i know which one),she work there part-time only,she is also very nice :tup: