For hlfinn, apple rond as charm...with the help...

  1. of a bracelet :smile:

    Here you go, it's on my black Luella...I think you will love it!


  2. Hey I took a peak too! Cute. Funny I thought it was a giant cherry! Silly me!
  3. Hehe that's adorable!
  4. always love to see this cute accessory! thanks for sharing!
  5. That's so cute.
  6. I like it.
  7. I still love the rond.
  8. gasp (can't write what I said when I saw it)... wayway cool.
  9. Oh That is adorable!
  10. So cute!
  11. that's adorable..
  12. bump so hlfinn sees
  13. Cute!!
  14. ooh that looks so pretty!
  15. i love it! where's hlfinn? here's another bump so she sees!