For Her, for him and for ME... (latest purchases)

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  1. After I posted and asked which EPI line is recommended...
    I finally made a decision. My bf took me to Somerset and just went right straight to LV.
    I met my favorite SA, Anna, She remembered me right away and greeted me with the last purchase I made with her "How do you like your bag?"

    I said "Oh, I :heart: it so much. But today we are here for the new purse."
    Then she asked what I was looking for. So I said "EPI" :love:

    She showed me many purses and then ran upstairs to get the colors I wanted.
    She did that twice-she was so nice and very professional.

    Anyway, here are my purchases today along what my bf got for me...

    Here they are:

  2. Let's see!!
  3. since it's almost my birthday, so I negotiated with my bf if I could use it before Christmas and the BD. He said "YES"
    Because if I couldn't, he wouldn't be able to use her belt (I bought for him today either)... :smile:

    here his early Christmas present... on Christmas- We have none to open ... LOL

  4. I also bought this mini thing for his mom for Christmas. She will be up here with the rest of the family to see us...

    here is vernis cles for her

  5. love the belt lets see the rest!
  6. Congrats! I love the epi line! I only have a few pieces, but the color is amazing and its very durable!
  7. and....

    here is mine... (early birthday+Christmas present from my love)

  8. The RED Jasmin

  9. Love the vernis color, congrats
  10. Sorry I just got home from shopping and changed in my pajama already!!

  11. very classy:tup: CONGRATS
  12. Congrats on your new bag, it's beautiful!
    I really love that belt too, very simple but nice.
  13. I tried everything; the lockit, petit noe, alma, and jasmin...
    We fell in love with the RED Jasmin right away.

    Petit noe was too big on me.
    Lockit looks better in mono.
    And don't really like Alma

  14. Very nice!!Happy Birthday!
  15. Thank you everyone for helping me on my last post.
    I am very happy with this bag.

    My bf asked the SA how much they cost between the lockit and jasmin.
    The SA said they are about $200 different - so my bf said 'oh let's get the lockit then...'

    ah a.. So funny- I love the Jasmin more.

    Thank you everyone once again.
    You are such a lovely and sweet tPF and LV lover.