For Heaven's Sake - Keep that Choo off the Ground!!!

  1. I may be late to the game, but I have to tell you about something...

    These Choos we have are pretty valuable and lets face it the world is fithy! :graucho: Where are ya gonna put it when you go out? Under the table? NO! On the table? NO, major etiquette faux pas. :tdown: Even with feet on the bottom of a bag, a nice slouchy broken in bag will touch, heaven forbid. :yucky:

    There are these new fangled ;) devices called purse hooks or purse hangers. I gave a few as gifts and got one myself. They are really handy and allow you to hang your bag from and horizontal surface with an edge. I got mine from Ficcare (the hair clip people). There are tons of other places to get them, too. eBay has them, for one. They've even been on those "As seen on TV" ads. I'm sure the quality runs the gamut. Here are some examples:
  2. ^ thanks jburgh! i have several; great invention. :tup:of course, i always forget to bring them with me:push:.....but, after a greasy mishap with a poor brand new gucci bag i put on the floor once,:sad: i am now always careful and never put any bags on the floor anymore...;)
  3. hmm great idea. I almost always reserve an extra seat for my bag when I go out for dinner and what not. Seems too much but I agree with you Jburgh, these things are not cheap. Besides, we want them to stay happy with us. How much do they run? (I havent checked the links..)
  4. It's so funny you brought this up, I was just looking for these the other night.
    There's also a really compact one from and a cheaper version of the compact from
  5. ^ thanks. The luxelink ones are cute, but the shipping costs could kill you!
  6. I'm so sorry to lower the tone ladies, but those purse hooks are great when your are at the dinner table but no use whatsoever when you take a trip to the ladies room.

    I'm so glad nobody has been able to see me when I'm trying to juggle a dress or slacks and not put my handbag on the floor.
  7. Oh, I hate that. In the US, most of the disabled use stalls have hooks. If no one is in there, I will be.

    Maybe we should all carry one of these over-the-door hooks in our bags, lol. :graucho:
  8. Oh no, more stuff for my bag!!:p
  9. I love the hook things! I have never put my bags on the floor, because I am a total germaphone. It was always amazing to me how many women would put their precious bags down on the floor in a public restroom!:throwup: Just nasty.
  10. They have door hooks in the majority of UK ladies rest rooms, also unfortunately many stories of how women's handbags have been stolen from somebody reaching over the top of the door and stealing the handbag.
  11. Oh, great. :s Now we need a hook and a 6 foot dog leash to wrap around the handles. No problem, it will fit in my Mahala! :roflmfao:

    Or maybe a little remote control to electrify the bag so anyone who reaches over gets 20,000 volts!
  12. Love it :roflmfao: jburgh

    You do realise though that I never had this loo problem until I joined the PF :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. Jburgh, it's a good thing you like Choo's. You'll need all the pockets for the table hook, the over the door hook, the leash, the battery to power the finger zapper. :lol:
  14. Thanks Bella, I was about to comment on the enormous stash of hardware Jburgh was going to be carrying around with her in order to, you know, carry her bag! ;)

    I recently received a purse hanger as a gift and they are definitely a must-have item if you ask me! There are times when it's just not possible to put your bag on the seat next to you....a handy gadget for sure! :tup:

    And now I have to go back and re-read why on Earth we're also required to carry an electrified remote control was it? I don't even think I want to know why, but let's see....

    OH, I don't think so!!! Let me get this straight. So, I'm in the stall, doin' my business with my jeans around my ankles. Someone (another woman hopefully) comes in and tries to steal my bag. I grab the leash with the remote just as it's being snatched over the door, am I right? Now see?'s where things start heading south for me. I then lunge out the door ala Starsky and Hutch with my jeans STILL around my ankles and attempt to taser the purse stealer?? :noggin:

    I will store my bags in their dust covers. I will save my bags in a fire. I will even name them if that becomes all the rage. But if I EVER have to come tripping out of a bathroom stall half naked to save one of my Choos? Yeah...I'm gonna really miss that Choo! :p
  15. ^ OK. let's rethink this. Picture this... You have this James Bond type gadgety watch, but really pretty and feminine. You are in the stall and someone reaches over to grab your Choo. You push a little button on your watch and ZZZZing! The perpetrator gets a 20,000 volt shock. You can press the button over and over to administer multiple shocks. But one will knock the perp on the floor. Ew gross, lying on a public restroom floor. Punishment enough. Does anyone have Q's phone number, I have a special order for him.