??????? for HAC owners with earlier cadenas

  1. i have a question for HAC and cadena owners:

    I notice that beginning from 2002, Hermes changed the cadena's locking mechanism into the screwing lock instead of the old push down one. (am i making sense here?) See the attached cadena photos.

    So for those who own the push down cadenas like the lion, peagasus, can u hang ur cadena to the center turn-lock ? I was playing with my peagasus to fit on my newly acquired little something (ahem, nothing serious :sweatdrop: ), i noticed that since the turn lock is in the P-shape and has a wider width, the push down cadena cannot fit... Did anyone notice that or i have not yet pushed hard enough??
  2. What is your newly acquired little something? I want to know.
  3. I have not tried but I will and get back to you.
  4. the one i told u earlier in the pms that i asked my SA to look out for me :shame:

    it came in more quickly than i thought it would ...:sweatdrop:
  5. thats great... thanks...:yes:
  6. I would appreciate inputs from everyone!!!

    HG i really need ur knowledge here!!!!! beggin...

    shopmom u have both what is ur experience????
  7. ^^^^Sorry dear, this is a question for Shopmom, I don't actually own a Hac.
  8. Got the HAC...just no cadena! Would love to know the answer though! K
  9. Soooo...what DID you get??? Is it safe for us to assume that you got a HAC??? Pls. spill!:smile: ;)
  10. WHOA!!!!! What little something did you get, HermesBB????? hmmmmm????

    My HAC has the round lock not the square one.....I have to go check to see if I can fit my Pegasus on it....back in a minute with a report.....
  11. I certainly can go and check my new one w/ lion....but it might take a little while, because I am I in middle of a project. But will do, if an answer is here when I check back in!
  12. HG: thanks anyway.:heart:

    Moviegirl, shopmom: hehe, ur guess is right. i just got a 32 HAC ...:shame: in cdc... black... :shame:

    Shopmom: ur HAC has the round lock??? really???? so since when did they change the turn lock design????? what year is ur HAC btw?????? this is totally new information!!!!!!!!!
  13. LOL!!! Well I think the thread title gave it away since you were trying to get an old cadena to fit a new HAC!! Congrats!!! CDC is just divine!!! Pls. post pics when you have time!!!
  14. Yup.....got a roundy. My bag is "G" in a square for 2003 and I just tried my Pegasus cadena with the spring lock and it does fit but you have to open it as much as you can.....it's not easy but I did get it on my round lock......
  15. So that means they changed the turn lock on HAC recently!!!!!! since mine is k in the square for 2007... oh, i like the round one better... :sad: