For GST owners...Can GST carry heavy stuff...?

  1. Hi GST owner........

    My GST about to arrive next week...and please pleaseee advice me...does the gst carry heavy stuff...because i saw in one of the tread, 3months old GST chain broken ...that shockedddd meee verryy i making the wrong decision to get GST ::confused1:

  2. Well, I think it can carry 'heavy' stuff...but I am concerned about mt bag keeping its shape and remaning in good condition so I limit anything tooooo heavy but I still carry all of my purse stuff- wallet, phone, camera, sunglasses, snacks for my son (!) etc.
  3. The chains make me nervous to carry things too heavy. I carry my normal stuff and just that stuff makes it pretty heavy!
  4. I haven't had any problems with my GST and I use it to carry paperwork, folders, etc. which can be pretty heavy in addition to wallet, etc. I suspect the bag that broke had a manufacturing defect. Each ring has two screws that hold it together, so both screws would have to break or come loose at the same time. I've checked the screws on all my rings and there is no sign of any loosing. On the otherhand if this is going to cause you concern you make want to choose a different Chanel tote, perhaps the Cerf.
  5. I use it as a tote-I carry all my normal stuff plus a book,newspapers, maybe a file ot two and its fine!
  6. Hey there... I just got my GST (black w/ gold HW)... I was obsessed w/ that bag for soo long, then I got it and those are the issues I have... I carry ALOT of stuff in my GST (make-up, cell phone, camera, car keys, etc..) and after using the bag the first couple of times, I realized that I had to carry less items because I don't want to lose the structure of the bag. But then again I LOVE THIS BAG so much that i dont care.... i say get it! you just wanna be careful, but then again everyone should be careful with their chanel bags!

    anyone recommend GST for travelling??? is it safe enough???:confused1:
  8. ^I just got one today...It has a zippered middle compartmt...which I like for travel..Normally I NEVER EVER travel with an open top bag...its asking for a pick pocket to happen!
  9. I have traveled with mine - I just sort of move the bag forward on my shoulder so more of it is to the front of me and clinch it underneath my arm and close to my body in crowded areas where I feel a need. I love the bag, I try not to over load it - but I love the fact I can fit a light weight cardigan in it for the transition from a warm day to a cool evening...the room in these bags is great!!!:tup: