For GRAFFITI Lovers...

  1. :heart:Speedy 30 Graffiti:heart: (1699)silver AND :heart:Keepall Graffiti Khaki:heart:(2200) both on eBay :nuts: , in perfect condition :supacool:

  2. Hello :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. Oh Lord, I love that Keepall with all my heart!
  4. Could you post a link? Couldn't find them on ebay US.
  5. is that too pricey for a speedy ?
  6. I've just had a bagasm!
  7. Thanks for the link J - couldn't pull them up earlier for some reason.:smile: I second your vote of confidence for this seller - immaculate bags and a very nice lady too!:flowers:
  8. Nice but the price is a bit steep for the Speedy :|
  9. Jlinds and Coltsfan, I agree totally. That seller is one of the absolute best around.

    The priced is high but the speedy is in outstanding condition. Most silver speedy's have rub off on the lettering. It's extremely rare to find one in the condition of the bag on ebay. If I was looking for a silver speedy, I would buy this one in a heart beat :love: . (I actually thought about buying this one as a back up - lol)
  10. Not really. It's a limited item in great condition.
  11. I agree with Irene. I don't think the price is bad at all. For this condition, the price is right. I wish I could swing it right now. We just bought new countertop for our kitchen. Graffiti would look so much better :sad:
  12. I am loving the Keepall!:love:
  13. mmmmm... the things I would do for that Keepall... :heart:.
  14. OMG, the your speedy and keepall is in wonderful condition. Congrats!!!