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  1. Here is a wallet from fashionphile quite expensive but really hot and rare. I rarely see some Graffiti wallet on eBay.

  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Wish I have 1K to spend right now.:P
  3. i actually see the graffiti wallet alot on eBay lately... especially since this wallet was bought to resell for 1k .. crazy!
  4. 1 k?? My cousin has this wallet
  5. that is such a cool wallet, I love it!
  6. oh no!! dont get me started again!! :P
    1k.. ouch!! :wtf:
  7. I agree with Habibty. This price is insane. I bet the seller paid half of what she is asking for it.
  8. Nice wallet...but insane price!
  9. I know it's expensive but when you think about it a franch viennois muticolor wallet is about $750. The graffiti is almost impossible to find.

    But I do agree with all. It's way too high even for a discontinue items.
  10. I saw some but as frequently as the pochette accessoire.
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