For fun: Self-invented Vernis colors


What is your favorite color?

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  1. I was bored in photoshop and created some weird new Vernis colors. Vote for your favorite :smile:








  2. 9.



  3. Oh my god.

    They're all beautiful.

    *Passes out*
  4. Fun thread, you have great photoshop skills! I'd love to see a true turquoise vernis item :smile:
  5. 10 and 12 for sure and I'm with south-of-france, I'd love to see a true turquoise as well! Also a shamrock green (darker than the green used for perfo though).
  6. *faints* you are amazing at photoshop
  7. #12 is sooo vibrant!I love it!
  8. Those colors are so yummy! I like a lot of them, like the purple, the cobalt blue, and the soft pink.
  9. I loveeeee that cotton candy pink!! #4!!! In fact, it would be cool if LV made that colour and called it cotton candy!!
  10. oh man...8! and 4 is so cute and girly!

    good photoshop skills, btw!!!
  11. 1 & 4
  12. thanks everyone.. tried to do turquoise and the green you were talking about rebecca... :smile: couldn't really get a true turquoise but i tried...


  13. I loooooooooooooooove all the blues
  14. wow, amazing, love the storm - baby blue (number 2)

  15. WOAH you are good! I honestly liked every color. But I thought 5 (the really light pink color) was gorgeous! The only two I didn't really like was numbers 2 and 7. 7 only because it looked the same as framboise (which I do love!). And 2 just seemed a little dull to me. OMG but all of them are beautiful! I wish I had those kind of photoshop skills... all of these vernis pieces looked real!