For fun...leather comparisons. Pewter/Pyrite/Lead/Anthracite

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  1. I know these aren't large samples (well...besides Lead and Anthracite...), but I thought I'd post the pics I just took in natural daylight of Pewter Mercer cuff, Lead Mercer clutch, Anthracite Havana, and the Pyrite flowers on my Tweed Havana. I'll put them in the reference library later as well. :biggrin:

    And minus Lead...
  2. :biggrin: No question. Lead wins!! :nuts:
    Great shots, Carlie!! Tricky getting them all lined up like that.
  3. Hahaha. I vote anthracite or pewter. Great! We won't be competing then Jenni. :smile:

    Thanks Carlie this helps a lot. The colors are sometimes not exactly what I'd expect from the names.
  4. Hmm...I should've uploaded them bigger, they look better on my computer. :hrmm: Sorry guys.
  5. +1 on the anthracite and pewter love.
  6. No doubt, Lead wins in my world too! I am *dying* for the Lead clutch wallet on bon. :nuts:

    Thanks for the comparison shots, Carlie! Your collection is awesome!!!
  7. Mmmmmm Lead is like metallic Eucalyptus!

    Brenda, are you going to get it??
  8. Thanks everyone! :biggrin:

    Brenda, don't mention that wallet...please...:sweatdrop: lol!
  9. :yes::yes::yes:

    I thought that too as soon I saw it next to Euc Zeldas. Very similar!
  10. Somewhere I've got a side-by-side...
    You guys just might have until the end of the month :biggrin: I've noticed my Lido wearing pretty heavily. I think it's the quilting; it speeds up the flaking process... was thinking the other day I needed a back-up :P

    Yup... here's Eucalyptus, Lead, and Steel:
  11. Oooh, I like Steel. I have a Eucalyptus Kira and I love it and love Euc, but for some reason I'm loving all the darker metallics more than the Lead. Maybe darker is the wrong term, more blue and black based?
  12. We'll duke it out for the wallet! :smooch::boxing::smooch:
  13. LOL, Brenda!
    Jennifer, you're absolutely right. Lead is a warm silvery metallic with green/gold undertones. Steel has a lot of blue in it. Anthracite seems to be the most "true" silver. Pyrite to me has some purple in it....
  14. I couldn't find that thread and was in a hurry...had to go drop the kids off. But thanks Stormy. This was just a quick one for fun anyway. I'll repost the pics in the appropriate threads tonight. :smile: