For free: gift card for $25 off a $100 purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue or Saks online

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  1. I have a gift card here for $25 off of a $100 purchase or more at Saks or Saks online or through their catalogue. It CANNOT be used at Off Fifth, for the purchase of gift cards or for any LV merchandise. it is good for anything else though.

    There is a code on the card that makes it useable online or on the phone with Saks-or, you can take the card to a store and use it there-the problem with that is, this card expires on June 14th and I don't think it could get to anyone fast enough if I mailed it-I would be willing to try though.

    if you want it-PM me. First one to respond gets it. If you want it mailed to you and want to pay for Priority mail-I will do that for you-otherwise, the card is totally free to whomever responds first.

  2. me first! i have something in mind.
  3. I got to go (bath and body sale at the mall)! so please let me know if I won! lol
  4. Sorry lovetoshop-believe it or not-someone was quicker! If I get another one-I will let you know-this is the second one I have received!

    The card has been claimed-this thread can be closed if you want mods-thanks!
  5. no prob! was worth a try lol!
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