? for fellow Paddy Owners

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  1. I've had my Paddy for a little less than a week now and I LOVE IT TO PIECES, as does my hubby :love: . But...today I was complaining a lil that I have to be careful with the lock (so it doesn't chip, which I did find happening) and he suggested that I carry the bag without the lock. :idea: I think that's kinda smart, but would take away from the whole look of the Paddy. Has anyone done this with their Paddy...carry the bag without the lock?

  2. No, when I purchased the bag I knew some chipping would happen...so I carry the bag expecting it...
  3. I think the lock adds so much that I probably would not carry without. If you just put one or both of the leather tabs over the lock loop and then put your lock on it will cut down some on the chipping. Mine has worn but I don't notice it really.

    All this minor wear gives the bag character, I think.;) I am careful with it but don't fuss over it. It's a little easier since the leather is so slouchy. A scratch on the hardware of a very structured bag would bother me much more.
  4. Same here. Like kitskats said, I think the lock adds to the bag and to me it just looks strange with a gold loop there on the front of the bag.
  5. I would never wear mine without the lock. It just adds to the whole look.
  6. ditto for me. It's going to get some wear and tear. I wouldn't sweat it!
  7. well now that I have a paddy I want to carry I too am torn - that bag is murder on my carpal tunnel (of the cubital variety-both elbows) so carrying the bag on my forearms is NOT an option, but, the shoulder straps were digging into my shoulders today because it is so damn heavy.

    the official weigh-in 5 pounds fully loaded.
    the official weigh-in sans lock 5-pounds. :blink:

    dammit -

    to answer your question direct - it doesn't look the same without it, make sure at least one of your leather tabs covers the metal plate and that will help with chipping. :biggrin:
  8. "to answer your question direct - it doesn't look the same without it, make sure at least one of your leather tabs covers the metal plate and that will help with chipping. :biggrin:"

    Thanks Logan!!! That's great advice and I didn't think of that! :idea: :nuts: :biggrin:
  9. If you are really, really worried about the "U" shaped part of the lock chipping, there may be something you can do about it. What you need is a thin, clear, flexible piece of tubing. Some already come sliced down the middle. Just fit it over the U shaped part. Home depot has all sorts of tubing, I'm sure theres one /w a small enough diameter to fit. :shame:
  10. Nawth21, that's a great idea. I am going to go against the grain here and say that the Paddy can stand on its own without the lock. Or you could hook the lock over one of the straps, although they have hardware too so that might be moot. Although I only had mine for a few days, it probably won't hit against anything other than its own hardware (the loop, etc.), so something over that might work.

    To the more experienced Paddy owners: where is the lock chipping? On the body of the lock, or the U-shaped member?
  11. Haha... you said member :shame: :P Just kidding.

    Mine is on the U-shaped part, from moving it around when I try to get into the bag. My key is also chipping.
  12. LOL!:lol: I do intellectual property work, and we use the term "member" to describe things (in patents) quite often. I know it sounds very odd to say/see it in "real life!"
  13. Hahaha :lol: I wouldn't be able to work there, I'd be laughing too much. I still laugh when someone says "fart" :P Yes, I'm immature! :lol:
  14. Immaturity is one of the great joys of life. In moderation. Maybe we should start a philosophy blog. :lol:
  15. My paddy is 4 days old - used it for the first time 2day - the loop on the metal plate which the lock hangs on to has a chip already. Darn.