For fans of Lee Riot and White Trash Charms

  1. I found this really cute website....
    It has all the latest Lee Riot and White Trash stuff as well as some other cute brands... :heart:
  2. i think white trash charms have some cute stuff but i am always not willing to buy it because i know i won't wear it... at least not long term
  3. ooo, thanks! I :heart: the white trash charms!
  4. i love all of the lee riot stuff... they are so darn cute... im preordering the black heart.. like mischa barton was seen wearing :biggrin:
  5. thank you for sharing.
  6. I bought a Lee Riot/Steven Shein necklace and now I am obsessed. Are there any other designers with similar styles to his?
  7. I like the "Skull Fangs" necklace :smile: