For Fans of Clic Clac Bracelets

  1. There is a new colour this season. Sorry that I don't have the name of the colour.

    The bracelet on the left is new; more taupe, with brown undertone. The one on the right is a purer natural/cream/milky one that I bought last year.
    16022008045.jpg 16022008046.jpg
  2. both are so pretty! versatile colours - love them.
  3. Love the clic clac -- I would love to get one!!
  4. They are gorgeous. I like the clic clacs.
  5. thanks for sharing with us! very lovely!:heart:
  6. I have a red one coming soon to me.I am excited!!
  7. Just saw that taupe-y one a little while back!!! : )

    Looks so cute! Love your white one!!
  8. Love the new colour, thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your clic clacs!
  9. I love these bracelets. That new color seems to be versatile, and would compliment many colors.
    I don't have one yet, but I want a color that would compliment my jean lifestyle.
    BTW, why are they so expensive? Are they sterling silver?
  10. Thanks for posting them. I love the Clic Clac's.
  11. Why so expensive? I was told because it carries the "H" for "Hermes". No, they are not sterling silver but palladium.
  12. I don't know much about palladium. Is it an inexpensive metal? Is it worth more than sterling silver? Or is the process expensive in making these bracelets using palladium?
  13. I am in loooove!!! My parents got me a clic clac bracelet for my birthday!! It is the narrow one in gold plating with white enamel. I have got the GM size because when we tried on the PM it fit very well (i have a small wrist) but we thought it looked better as more of a bangle (and i think when i get older my wrists/arms will get fatter). Sorry, just got it yesterday so i am still so excited!!
  14. Anything that has a moving part will tend to be a bit expensive. So the H clasp that serves as the latch is probably the reason for the pricier tag vs the enamel bangles. Though the difference is slim...I love the clic clac bracelets. I think they are pretty good value for the money...on a relative Hermes basis. ;)
  15. lovely clic clacs... you collecting shades of white and off white??? Will look stunning with the different shades on your arm and carrying your light colored matt croc birkin...