For fall what are the best kind of shoes to wear with Bootcut jeans (I'm over 40)

  1. I never know what quite to wear in fall with my boot cut jeans, ballet flats don't really work because my jeans are to long. I like boots but not until we're closer to winter. What could I buy to wear now. Something with around a 2" heal, and suitable for casual dressing not dressed up. Thanks
  2. I am also over 40 and what I will be wearing with my bootcut jeans this fall are some of my jimmy choo high heeled sandals, animal print 2 inch slingbacks or some of my 2-3 inch pumps. We have jeans day every Friday, but I like to dress my jeans up. All of the shoes I mentioned are comfy enough if I have to run an errand after work.
  3. I just roll up the cuff one time if I wear flats...I see alot of people do that. I have one pair of SFAM jeans and they are about right for flats. J Choo carries alot of their shoes in several different heights so a pump (pointed toe) works best with boot cut jeans...very slimming.
  4. I was going to say a boots, ballet flat or to keep wearing summer shoes until the weather cools down. You could do a clog or mule too and that would be cooler and season appropriate but I would go higher in the heel since most low heels clogs/mules look dowdy. If you have a slide shoe I would wear that since it's not as summery as a strappy sandal but will still keep you cool until it cools down.
  5. Round toe pumps are in right now and they look great with bootcut.

    Also, pointed toe pumps with bootcut pants are great for making legs look longer.
  6. I have some Prada black sport sandals I wear with jeans a lot. They have about a 2" heel. I bought them at least a year ago though. Otherwise I have some Cole Haan slip on shoes that I wear with jeans. I don't usually wear heels with jeans unless I go out or something.
  7. CL decolletes. Really. The rounded-ish, not quite pointy toe is perfect.
  8. IMO, bootcuts should never be paired with flats of any kind, rolled up or not. Keep the flats for skinnies or capris. For me, I prefer tall wedges under bootcuts (and I do not wear wedges w/ skinnies unless they are wedge boots worn over skinnies).

    Bootcuts require some sort of heel or wedge. They do not need to be sky-high, but they do need to provide a bit of lift. And IMO, bootcuts dragging on the ground is not too fashionable.

    Heeled boots are OK, but what's the point of wearing boots if they are hidden under the jeans? Might as well wear cute heels, since the only part of boots you can actually see under jeans is usually the boring part.

    Just my two cents!
  9. ^^wow...I made all these mistakes...I wear flats AND boots under bootcut jeans.

    I love the look of flats w/ bootcut jeans, some people like me are just not meant to wear skinny jeans.

    Yes, you see the "boring" part of the boot under the jeans, but it has a different look to it when you're either walking or sitting down, since most pumps do not cover the top of the foot so much. I'm all for wearing boots under jeans in the fall/winter.
  10. ^ I don't think those are "mistakes"

    Flats can look fine with bootcuts depending on the width of the flare and length of the jean. If the jeans are too long or too flared, flats don't work as well.

    If you live somewhere cold, wearing boots under bootcut jeans is totally, completely OK.
  11. Ms. P: I recommend getting a styish wedge to wear until you're ready for boots.

    I just got these Prada Sport Mary Janes and they're quite comfortable. Even though they're fairly tall, they have a rubber bottom which makes them really, really easy to walk and wear all day.

    Also, I saw these cute Ferragamos and I thought they'd be really nice for a few more months.

    Good luck!
    prada wedge.jpg wedge1.jpg
  12. oooh, I like those pradas. They are cute and look comfy.
  13. ^^They are comfy! I think Prada sport is the most comfortable line of shoes...