For Expectant Moms! 15% Off Isabella Oliver Through 10/15

  1. Her frocks are sooo cute that it makes me wish I was pregnant again....well, sort of..!!

    Exclusive FashionJunkie Deal For YOU!
    Yummy mummies listen up! Isabella Oliver, the luxe London-based maternity label I profiled earlier this week (read the newsletter here) is offering FashionJunkie subscribers a 15% discount off any items of your choice from Friday, September 28 through Friday, October 5, 2007. Click here to redeem your special offer and make sure to enter the code "FJFIX" upon checkout. Happy shopping!:cutesy:
  2. The links aren't working for some reason. Could you post again?

  3. mycarryon...make sure you use the code "FJFIX"
  4. Thanks bagachondriac! I looked at the website and some of the tops were really cute...I"m so tempted.
  5. Thanks bagchondriac. A bit expensive for my budget but very nice stuff.
  6. Ooh, thanks. I just looked at them the other day and was waiting for a coupon to buy. Even signed up for the newsletter in hopes of a discount, but no such luck so far. Though, thinking about it, I wonder why they didn't tell me about it.

  7. Hi kimberf...I was away overnight and just returned....first thing I did after shutting my house alarm was to run to the computer!!! God Help Me...I'm Hooked!!:roflmfao:

    Anyway, I too was signed up for their newsletter. The sales notice came from another source and I'm providing the link so you can register. They wrote a very interesting article about Delcina in it as well!! I'm forever getting newsletters from!!!
  8. Thanks so much -- the code worked! I went ahead and bought a ton of stuff from Isabella Oliver. Based on my recent orders from Pea in a Pod and NM, I'll return 2/3 of the stuff, so I bought about a dozen pieces in hopes that I'll end up with 4-5 that I like! I still think it's a bit screwy that they didn't actually e-mail their own subscribers about the code, but at least I heard about it!
  9. With all that you ordered, certainly you should have at least that many pieces that you like! I will be interested to find out...please post on this thread when your items arrive. BTW..did you sign up for the FashionJunkie newsletter? It happens a lot where you receive codes from sites other than the one for which the discount applies. For example, aren't there codes each month in Lucky magazine for sites that themselves don't notify their subscribers of? I don't quite know the reasoning behind that.
  10. I didn't sign up for the newsletter yet. I think I will, but I am a little nervous about 4 or so e-mails a week. I'll try it for a while, and see if I'm getting info that I don't get on here! I love just coming on and being able to search for the store I want. Now I just need more people to post maternity stuff, since I think I've got about 2 weeks left in non-maternity pants (bigger size than pre-preggo though...) ;)
  11. Argh... WHY did you have to post this?????? (drooling all over the keyboard). Another temptation... thanks:nogood::lol:
  12. I've signed up for other maternity site newsletters and will certainly post if ever I receive any sales notices from them!

  13. Their clothing is so darned cute that it almost makes me want to be pregnant again!!
  14. I got my order today! Fed Ex arrived as I was trying desperately to get out the door to work (it takes me a long time to get ready in the morning, since my regular pants for the most part don't fit, and the maternity pants haven't been shortened yet. It's a long trying on trial and error experience every day.) Just signed for it, no time to open it. In any case, I was impressed with the quick express shipping, from London no less! Express shipping was $5 more than regular, and it did get here quickly. I checked before I ordered, and they do have a return center here in the US, so I don't have to ship all the way back to the UK if things don't fit.

    bagachondriac, which other sites have you signed up at? I'm still trying to find good pregnancy community forums with literate participants (the couple I've glanced at scared me), or good pregnancy blogs where I could find resources and hear about deals.